GUE Technical Diver 2

GUE Technical Diver 2

GUE’s Technical Diver 2 course is designed to enhance deep diving proficiency while using helium breathing gasses and oxygen-enriched decompression gasses. Other course outcomes include: the use of multiple stages; the use of Trimix with greater percentages of helium; gas management; oxygen management; extended decompression; accelerated, omitted and general decompression strategies; dive planning; and management of multiple cylinders.
  • Prerequisities

    Applicants for a Tech 2 course must:

    • Submit a completed registration form, a medical history, and a liability release to GUE Headquarters.
    • Be physically and mentally fit.
    • Hold insurance that will cover diving emergencies such as hyperbaric treatment, e.g. DAN Master-level insurance or equivalent.
    • Be a nonsmoker.
    • Obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for the use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any prior medical condition that may pose a risk while diving.
    • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
    • Be a certified GUE Tech 1 level diver.
    • Must have a minimum of 25 dives beyond Technical Diver Level 1 certification; at least fifty dives on double tanks and at least 25 should utilize a decompression cylinder.
  • Equipment Requirements

    • GUE double tank configuration
    • Primary and backup lights
    • Two decompression cylinders
    • One bottom gas cylinder
    • Small argon regulator and bottle where appropriate
    • One primary reel per team

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