Halcyon Apollo 13.5 Video HID Light System

Halcyon Apollo 13.5 Video HID Light System

Apollo video lighting systems are widely recognized among recreational divers, technical explorers, and professional videographers for their robust construction and ingenious system integration. Whether building specialty lighting systems for National Geographic-sponsored projects or providing crucial lighting for productions on Japan's powerhouse entity NHK, Halcyon can increasingly be found center stage with our innovative HID and HMI Apollo video lighting systems.
  • Key Features of the Apollo

    • Apollo lights use legendary Halcyon Explorer components.

      Apollo 21-watt HID video lights provide a highly portable solution for primary and fill lighting.
      With dual 21 watt HID heads and E/O cords, NiMH battery pack (150 minute burn time)

      Apollo 50-watt HID systems offer exceptional light output (color temp: 6000 Kelvin, 3000 lumens) and are a must for serious video enthusiasts. E/O cords and NiMH battery back standard.

      Single 50-watt HID systems provide 2 hour burn time.
      Dual 50-watt HID systems provide 1 hour burn time.

      The Apollo Video Light System comes in a robust, custom fit Pelican Case.

  • Ordering and Shipping

    Please allow ample time to order from manufacturer and shipping to order location.

    If product is currently not in stock it will take 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

    If product is in stock it takes approximately 1 week to 2 weeks.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    All refunds have a 15% restocking fee and product must be returned new.

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