Halcyon Focus Dive Light

Halcyon Focus Dive Light

SKU: LGHA-20453
After 3 years of development Halcyon is setting the standard for dive lights again. LED is difficult to focus. Instead of pushing a lot of power to the LED, which is inefficient and generates a lot of heat, Halcyon invested a lot of time and energy developing a LUX Engine, generating a high intensity focused beam of light while consuming only half of the power of a 21 watt HID Light. With more of the light focused in a tighter location, Halcyon LED primary lights easily out perform any 21 watt HID light. Both light have fully adjustable handles that can be set on the right or left side. The adjustable power switch can be set to off, medium or high power.

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  • Tech

    Halcyon applied this new LUX Engine technology to three products:

    Halcyon Flare

    Halcyon Focus

    Halcyon Flare Handheld

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